Building nginx-rtmp-module

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This is a guide to compile nginx-rtmp-module on a Debian based distro (eg Ubuntu 14.04)

Probably simplest to run all as root

Installing dependencies

apt-get install git dpkg-dev
apt-get build-dep nginx

Get the code

apt-get source nginx

On Ubuntu, this extracts the source into the current directory.

git clone

At time of writing master did not work properly, so we will use the last tag that does

cd nginx-rtmp-module
git checkout v1.1.3
cd ..

Modify the build

cd nginx-[version-number]
nano debian/rules

The following line should be modified and added after the block of --add-module lines

--add-module=/path/to/checked/out/source/nginx-rtmp-module \

Build it

dpkg-buildpackage -b

Install it

cd ..
dpkg -i nginx-common_*.deb nginx-full_*.deb


Official guide