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CasparCG is open source graphics software made by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation.

First Setup

CasparCG can be downloaded from here. The zip file should typically be extracted to within c:/casparcg on the target PC, after first deleting any old copies of CasparCG client.

Launch the application via the CasparCG Client.exe. It is advised to pin the application to the windows taskbar to ensure it can be easily found by members.

Under Edit;Settings, then the Servers tab, there should already be an entry titled Local CasparCG. If not then add one by clicking the plus at the bottom of the dialog and filling out the following details:

  • Name: Local CasparCG
  • Address:

Other machines running CasparCG can also be controlled from this Client by clicking the plus and filling out the Name and Address field appropriately.

Typical Usage


Coming soon...

Common Issues

Laggy input

  • Save the current rundown if desired.
  • Navigate to c:\users\Guild TV
  • Delete the folder called .Caspar CG
  • Follow the appropriate steps in the setup guide for the CasparCG Client to reconfigure