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Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder(FMLE) is a free video encoder and streamer made by Adobe. At Guild TV, it has been replaced by the superiour Open Broadcaster, but is documented here as it still has uses at times.

It has proven itself rather unstable during configuration in recent years, but is typically stable when it is left alone.

Key Features

One of the main feature of FMLE is its simplicity and the ability to save a state to load on startup. This makes it ideal as a plug and play solution. It's stability and lack of features is also a reason for its recent lack of use.

Another key feature is the ability to chunk recorded files, something that Blackmagic Media Express does not do. This is a very useful feature as it reduces the loss if the PC doing the recording crashes or corrupts the recorded media.


Video Quality Presets

The following is a selection of possible quality presets for certain use cases. It is likely that the desired configuration will not be listed.

YouTube HD

YouTube SD

Guild Council SD

Recording HD

Recording SD

Stream RTMP Settings


Guild Council

Misc Config

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