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The Oupree OPR-NH100 is a low cost HDMI video encoder bought because the i3 based dell machine was not capable of streaming hd video.



Upon first use of a reset, the first thing to do is to change the network settings to match that of your local network.

To do this, you must first configure the IP address of your machine to the following.


This dialog can be found by following the highlighted links as shown below in the Network and Sharing Center.


Then you can connect to the device at with the username and password of admin. Navigate to the network tab and input the appropriate settings for your environment.

GuildTV Roaming

If networking is done through the guildtv-roaming router, then use the following settings.


Guild Network

If networking is done directly through the guild network, then use the following.



If neither of these situations are correct, then it is best to consult someone knowledgeable in the matter, or consult with the network admins.

Once these settings have been saved, you must reboot the device, undo the settings change of your local machine and connect to the device through the ip address you just specified above.

Video Quality Presets

YouTube HD


YouTube SD

Currently, this device is not suitable for streaming SD on YouTube, as it is not capable of up-scaling video. This means video will have to be scaled down, losing video quality even further than the ageing cameras already do.

Guild Council SD


Stream RTMP Settings


To configure for YouTube, you will need to first setup youtube to expect a 1080p stream, and retrieve the stream url and id to be used. This should be in the format of:

Stream Name: yt-ems-t.-NQTM-6crwY3loNo5vbt9g1364075191866365.121
Primary Server URL: rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2?sparams=id%2Citag%2Cns%2Cexpire&expire=1445711526&ns=yt-ems-t&signature=C0634E0104C5C2C58A9CD541CAD9537339619BA8.5E6F7120B95AD43BA1BC1725BC90FB3B840B471F&id=-NQTM-6crwY3loNo5vbt9g1364075191866365&key=yt_qc&itag=121

This should be broken up as follows:

RTMP Server IP a.rtmp.youtube.com
RTMP Server Port: 1935
RTMP App Name: live2?sparams=id%2Citag%2Cns%2Cexpire&expire=144571152......... (the primary server url value from /live2 onwards)
RTMP Stream Name: yt-ems-t.-NQTM-6crwY3loNo5vbt9g1364075191866365.121  (the stream name value)

Guild Council

To configure the encoder for guild council, you will first need to get the IP address of the streaming server being used. This will need to be preconfigured to accept and redistribute the stream.

The IP address of the server should be put into the RTMP Server IP field. The rest of the settings should be as follows

RTMP Server Port: 1935
RTMP App Name: live
RTMP Stream Name: myStream


There is no preview window on the encoder, the best method to preview what is being streamed is to connect using VLC to the device. This can be done via File > Open Network and inputting replacing the IP address with the one specified in the network config of the device above.

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