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For Internal Use

Local PC

No files should be placed directly on the pcs in the studios. They have been designed to store all of their files on vault in a way that means that any project can be continued on any other pc. The pcs frequently run out of space when people put files on them instead of on vault.

Any files you leave on the pcs are likely to be deleted without notice as it is often very hard to work out what they were from.


Vault is Guild TV’s primary storage server and is setup to enable access to files from any of the computers in the studio. Vault provides a large storage space, and should be used for all the footage, edits and projects, and generally any large files that need to be stored for a longer period of time. Vault is mapped as a regular drive in My Computer or File Explorer. Any files related to a specific project should be stored under \\Vault\Project Files <year-year>\<Project name> .

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool for collaborative document editing, such as script writing, or event planning. Each of the committee members have an account with their email addresses, and members can easily create an account using their personal or uni email addresses. Google Drive account also have much more space than dropbox, and so can be used for larger files. Also note that files or folders must also be explicitly shared with others, and each recipient can be assigned read or write permissions seperately. You can also make files public readable/writable which can be useful when sharing with a large group.


The Guild TV dropbox account is setup to sync across all of the computers in the studio. It is also available for members and the committee to sync to their own computer by sharing the main folder inside it. Because it is widely shared, it is best suited for documents and assets that are useful to everyone and are often wanted from outside of the studio. It has a small space limit, making it unsuitable to store any video content, even temporarily.


Under the Guild TV youtube account is a secondary channel called Guild TV Drafts. This can be used for any video renders that want to be shared with other people both within Guild TV and for external approval. This should be the prefered destination for sharing video drafts instead of the main youtube channel.

For Sharing Externally


Guild TV has its own, simple system in place for sharing files with external people. Any files placed in //VAULT/services/download/ are available for download by anyone with a link to the file. Any files or folders placed in here will be downloadable from the url<filename>. Eg, the file //VAULT/services/download/test-render.mp4 will be Any files or folders inside are not discoverable, but any folders inside that will list their contents, which is useful if you have a bunch of files to share with someone.

Note. If sending to large number of people, WeTransfer may be a better solution, due to the available download speed being limited.

Please delete the files after the person you are sharing them with has downloaded a copy as otherwise we will be storing doubles of each final.

Google Drive

A Google Drive account has much more available space than Dropbox, and due to there being no central Guild TV account, large files are less of an issue. This means that sharing files via Google Drive is not disruptive to other members, except those it has been explicity shared with. Files and folders can also be set to be publicly readable by anyone with a link, making it convenient to share to a large number of people, whilst still being able to edit or refine the file or document after sending them the link.


Dropbox should not be used for sharing a file with someone. Any files put in there will be synced to all of the pcs in the studio, as well as the personal computers of various committee members. Dropbox also has a rather low amount of storage space so is unlikely to fit a project render, causing it to stop syncing for everyone until the offending file is removed from the source pc.


See section Internal; Youtube


This service allows users to upload a reasonable sized file, or folder and send the link to any person. Links also have a time limit, after which the files are not available to be downloaded. This service is suitable for sharing large files or renders when either party is outside of the Guild. It is a good alternative to when there are a large number of recipients.